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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Room 6 News: Week of November 5th

Dear Families,

I am really excited for the opportunity to meet with all of you during parent teacher conferences over the next two weeks and show you all of your children’s work!  Please remember that these next two weeks are early release days, and the students will get out each day at 1:55pm. If you need to double-check your conference time, you can click on the sign up genius for the specifics: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c094ba4af22a75-parent4

First Field Trip: I am excited to announce that our first field trip is coming up! On Friday, November 30th from 9am – 1:30pm we will be going to the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. Their exhibits provide the perfect opportunity for our kids to have fun and be immersed in the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and math. We will be exploring the museum and attending the planetarium show as a culmination of our unit on the cycles of the moon. The green permission slip will be in your child’s Wednesday folder today. Please fill out the entire form and return to school as soon as possible. There will be an early bird special of 2 Stewie bucks for anyone who turns their form in my Friday J. We will also need parent drivers for this trip. If you are able to drive, please indicate so on the form.

Technology: There are some great apps and websites on which kids can practice math skills, reading, memory, problem solving, etc. through games that I wanted to share with all of you. Some of these are:
·      Gamequarium, http://www.gamequarium.com (this site has some “ads by google” listed at the top, the actual games are below that box)
·      Starfall: http://www.starfall.com
·      Aracademic Skill builders: http://www.arcademics.com

The I pad apps we have been using in the classroom and ones that have yet to be introduced are:
·      Handwriting without Tears -Wet Dry Try - which is wonderful for practicing handwriting
·      Addition and Subtraction Facts: Hungry Fish, Flash to Pass, Speedo Math, Math Bingo, Splash Math
·      10 Frame Fill, which provides children practice with fact families up to 10.
·      Teach Me First Grade – All subject areas

I hope this is helpful. I will have plenty more websites to share as time goes on.

FRIENDSHIP FEAST: During the month of November, we will be discussing the history of Thanksgiving and reading many different versions of Stone Soup, a fable in which everyone contributes a small part to a meal and it comes together to be an amazing feast. On the Friday before Thanksgiving, we will have a special Friendship Feast. Each child will contribute something to the feast and we will set a big long table in our classroom with tablecloths, flowers, homemade placemats and napkin rings and our special feast. Please look for the sign-up genius today and try to contribute something that feels manageable to you. Hopefully everyone will be able to make a small contribution but altogether it will be a delicious feast! 

Kimochis: We have had a wonderful six sessions of Kimochis lessons in all First Grade classes. Miss Jen, our amazing school counselor has come into our classroom once a week for the last 6 weeks to do these special lessons with the students. The Kimochis are a Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) program used in the district to support Character Education goals for students.  The students have loved every minute of her lessons.

KIDDO!:  Your contributions to Kiddo! bring so many important programs to our school. Because of your donations, our students are given regular instruction in art, music, dance, drama, poetry, and P.E. This year, my students and I get help from Kiddo!-funded classroom aides, library aides, and our district-wide technology coach. Please know that your voluntary donations to Kiddo! every year – in any amount – help keep great programs and people in place at our school. Thanks in advance for helping Kiddo! help our schools. Please visit www.kiddo.org to learn more.  Kids need Kiddo! and Kiddo! needs you!  Thank you for your support!
READING:  We are practicing fluency and reading smoothly by picking up more words rather than one word at a time and using expression as we read. Students will be learning and recognizing blends and digraphs this week and next week in language arts. We are mainly focusing on: sh, ch, th and wh.

MATH: We are continuing our unit on subtraction and its relationship to addition.  The kids are doing such a great job explaining their thinking and we will dive a bit deeper into this concept this week too.

Keep Room 6 Healthy:  The flu season is upon us, and we want to keep everyone in Room 6 healthy.  At school we are working hard to remember to wash our hands frequently, cough into our elbows and to blow our noses into kleenex (not wipe our noses with our sleeves).  As it becomes colder, students will need long sleeves when they are out on the playground.  Please be sure that your child comes to school appropriately dressed for the weather.  Also, please keep your children at home if they are not feeling well.  In addition – keep checking for lice too! THANK YOU!

·      There is no school this Monday, November 12th.
·      Monday-Friday 11/19 -23rd  NO SCHOOL: Thanksgiving Break
·      The Book Faire is coming – December 3rd – 7th!

Shana Stewart

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Room 6 News: Week of October 29th

Dear Families,

I wanted to start by saying thank you so much for all of the wonderful birthday wishes last week. I felt so loved by all of the kiddos in class on my birthday and they truly made it a special day for me! Thank you!!!

Halloween: Our Halloween party was a great success! Thank you to our wonderful room moms Tracy and Suzette for planning such a fantastic party. I would also like to thank all of the parents and family members who helped supervise the activities, come up with games and crafts and who brought in treats; thanks to everyone our party was a great success!!  It was also so great to see so many families attend our party. The children really enjoyed themselves!

Special Home Project: This Friday, in your child’s Homework Folder, you will find a special project in lieu of a homework packet for the next week and a half. All of the instructions for this special project are included in this week’s Friday folder, so please be on the lookout. Remember to have fun, be creative and enjoy the process! In addition, you can google the project title to get some ideas and inspiration for this project J.

In addition to this project, your child is still expected to read each night for at least 10-15 minutes. At this point in the year your child should be reading out loud to an adult. It is incredibly important that they read each night in order to continue to build their reading skills.

Conferences: As a reminder Parent teacher conferences will begin next week. We will be having early release days where school will be dismissed at 1:55pm everyday, from November 5th – 16th. I sent home a confirmation letter a week or so ago with your date and time for your conference. Please make sure to arrive at your scheduled conference on time, as many of my slots are back to back. If for some reason you need to change your scheduled time, please contact me directly. Here is the link for your reference.

Science: We are continuing our exploration of the moon. We have been charting in class and noticing some changes in the moon each day. Hopefully you are able to see the moon now and notice the changes with your child too. This week we are talking about the names of the phases that the moon goes through and have learned some interesting facts too. Make sure to ask your child all about it!

Kiddo: Your contributions to Kiddo! bring so many important programs to our school. Because of your donations, our students are given regular instruction in art, music, dance, drama, poetry, and P.E. This year, my students and I also get help from classroom aides, library aides, and tech experts. Please know that your voluntary donations to Kiddo! every year – in any amount – help keep great programs and people in place at our school. Thanks in advance for helping Kiddo! support our schools.

©     There is no school on Monday, November 12th.
©     November 5th – November 16th  are parent/teacher conferences. School will be dismissed at 1:55pm for those two weeks.
©     SNACKS – A lot of kids are coming to school without snacks. Please remember how important snacks are as they help your child make it through the day and last until lunch!
©     There is no school Monday, November 19th – Friday, November 23rd  due to Thanksgiving Break.


Shana Stewart